Cad cam

Precision and expertise

Your design, your desire…CADCAM by ProScan makes it happen! We produce your implant superstructure to your precise specifications: from simple to complex designs, in a wide variety of materials.

ProScan uses high precision, high accuracy dental scanners of iMetric. These scanners will scan a full model at once, no matter how many different implant systems are incorporated in the case. This case will then be uploaded in various software modules for design and production. Next to production, ProScan offers the possibility of a diagnostic scan, in which we advise you to find the best solution for you case.

ProScan has been working with CADCAM for dental appliances during 10 years. We offer a broad dental knowledge and continuous innovation, together with an unseen flexibility and a 5year warranty. Reception, design, production and shipment of your order can happen within 3 to 5 working days. ProScan also offers the possibility to produce your own design file on our industrial machines. You can scan and design everything yourself, but leave the production to us.

We offer a wide range of different materials: cobalt-chrome, titanium, PEEK, IPS e.MAX, zirconium, composites, …

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Self scanning
ProScan offers the possibility to send us a digital production file, or a plaster model. We will produce both with the highest care and precision.
Contact us for all your cranio-facial or dental superstructures, such as standard or customized bars, crowns, bridges, wrap arounds, abutments and many more.