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About us

In 2002, ProScan was founded by Guy Mullens & Walter Van Loo. The starting point was the idea of an open digital platform for the emerging CADCAM market.

Walter Van Loo has a background in sales. Before founding ProScan, he worked for a company specialised in dental implantology, where he gathered his knowledge about the dental industry.

Guy Mullens started his carreer as a dental technician. He shared responsibility over a dental lab with two colleagues during several years. Walter Van Loo used to be his contactperson at that time.

Walter & Guy have been exchanging ideas on developing an open digital platform before they decided to work together. In 2002, these ideas were crystalized and ProScan was officialy founded.

The name ProScan originates from Professional Scanning, and is combined with our PURE filosofy:

Patient driven solutions
Universal: Universally applicable and multi-compatible products
Revolutionairy: aspires revolutionairy products and expects the same from its partners.
Exclusive: The development and production of unique and exclusive products 

In 2012, ProScan exists for a decade. During the past ten years, ProScan has gathered a unique portfolio of products. The company currently employs 25 employees and has branches in Belgium and the Netherlands. ProScan is still a privately owned company and has over the years maintained the characteristics of a family owned business.


Founding of Pro Scan

Sept. 2002

Southern Implants is integrated into the ProScan product range.

Mar. 2003

The Locator, by Zest Anchors, is added as a new product and quickly grows to be an important part of the ProScan product range. Together with Zest Anchors, ProScan develops a Locator for the Multi-Unit abutment.


Collaboration with Bonecare begins, the distribution of this unique and resilient abutment is done by ProScan.


In 2012, we’ve celebrated our 10 year anniversary. In the past 10 years, ProScan has become a unique company, with a strong professional network in Western Europe. ProScan has been awarded best and strongest growing distributor for Zest Anchors and Southern Implants. Our focus has never changed: open and universal platforms and appliances for patient driven solutions, for old and new cases.