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Prosthetic and Reconstruction Implants

Following traumatic accidents, oncology resections or congenital defects, patients present with sections of bone and connecting soft tissue missing. These can pose a significant visual disturbance that can have a drastic psychological effect on the patient. Failing surgical reconstruction, these missing parts can be replaced by realistic looking prostheses to provide a highly satisfactory aesthetic solution. When adhesive or suction is inadequate, an osseointegrated implant presents a solution for the secure retention of the prostheses. This solution prevents the embarrassing and inconvenient detachment of prostheses, just as dental implants do with dentures. 

Southern Implants works with leading rehabilitation centres around the world, developing new protocols and products. Due to the nature of the condition being treated, each implantation site is unique, therefore Southern Implants does offer custom made devices. However, with the variety of implants offered by Southern Implants, many cases can be addressed without the cost and delay factor associated with a custom device. 

The ultra-short IE and IET implants facilitate safe attachment into the thin craniofacial bones and the cylindrical-bodied implants are ideal for placement in the medullary canal of phalanges for attachment of prosthetic digits. The 55° Zygomatic and Oncology implants offer a better placed platform for the final screw retained reconstruction. The MAX and Co-Axis offer a smart solution for bone preservation and less invasive surgery techniques.